6 Courier Mistakes And How To Avoid Them?

Top courier mistakes to avoid

Working with the wrong courier can generate various difficulties for your business. For a courier company, it creates a negative impact on their services. In this article, we discussed the 6 most common courier mistakes that one must avoid while choosing a courier service and provided solutions as well.

  1. Cost of the Delivery

There are numerous courier companies available in the market and the price for a particular service varies from each other. Choosing a courier only on the basis of price would be a very bad idea. At the cheapest price, there is a huge chance that you’ll get below-average service.

Contrary, taking expensive service doesn’t guarantee you the best services out there. So, go for services that are not too cheap or too expensive.

As we said earlier, because of multiple courier companies out there the price is very competitive. You can check the customer rating, company performances to choose the right one.

  1. Delivering Damaged Package

As a business owner, neither you want your customer to get a damaged package from you nor as a consumer, you expect that. You won’t want your customers reporting to you about couriers that received broken. If a customer gets a broken parcel, then you have to take charge of the replacement and additional delivery losses.

To avoid any such inconveniences, you can go for the companies that provide quality assurance. Make a contract with the opposite party regarding damage compensation.

Courier companies should focus on packaging and handling the parcels carefully.

Courier mistakes

  1. No Contact

It is very important to provide the right contact details on packages. Mention both receiver and sender’s numbers clearly. Without a contact detail, it becomes very difficult to deliver the parcel.

  1. Using Wrong Packaging

Different-sized parcels have different types of packaging. For a particular item, it is very important to pack that item in the most suitable (fit) boxes or cartoons. If the package is tight then it can break and vice-versa.

Make sure that the packaging boxes are made of sustainable materials. For fragile items, add a double layer of packaging. Add bubble wrap and cello tape to the outer side.

  1. Late Deliveries

    Couriers mistakes to avoid


Late delivery is very disappointing for customers. It’s one of the most impactful courier mistakes. Not being able to deliver a package on promised time leads to customer dissatisfaction. And customers won’t want to wait more than it should take.

Every parcel has its own purpose. And people make plans according to delivery time but if the parcel

comes late then their whole plan just spoiled. For example, parcels containing birthday gifts, office documents need to be delivered on

time otherwise the purpose gets ruined.

Consistent timely delivery requires thoroughly investigating your current system. There will always be a scope of improvement and make to use the best resources possible for you. Go through the feedback and upgrade according to the customer’s expectations.

  1. Poor Customer Service

“Customer service is about empathy”. In any business, it is all about how do you treat your customers, without them your business is nothing. No one wants to experience rude and unfriendly behavior from the customer support team.

Also, poor customer support means not being able to provide the desired solution that the customer expects like a timely solution, 24*7 support.

During your first contact with the courier, you’ll get an idea of whether the person is supportive or not. If the person is polite, helpful, and patient then you can take your matter forward otherwise goodbye to them.

For a courier company, it is suggested that while setting up your customer support team, select only those people who have the zeal to help people in order to smooth the customer relationship.

We’ve covered the 6 most common courier mistakes and how you can tackle them. We can assure you that if you pay attention to these points, you’ll have a better delivery experience.

Lastly, we would like to say that you may experience a few other issues with your delivery partner that we’ve not mentioned in this article. As we talked about only the common mistakes we hope you will figure them out.

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