A Guide on eBay Courier Delivery

A guide on Ebay courier delivery

Well, shipping on eBay isn’t that easy. As a seller, it’s your responsibility to deliver the product to the customers safely. And for that, you can use any third-party courier service or use your own supplier. Remember, eBay courier delivery can affect your brand image.

You have to decide the right delivery partner for your brand and provide the maximum possible facility to your customers like a decent price, speedy delivery and good tracking otherwise your competitor will do.

All these things can be hard for you, especially if you are new to eBay selling. And that’s the reason we’re putting out this guide to eBay courier delivery to help you out in choosing the best shipping option for your business.

What Customers Expect From eBay Sellers?

There were times when shipping of products was restricted to only cities but now you can get your item delivered from anywhere in the world. Demands increased, technologies improved and the expectations of consumers have also increased. Let’s look at what people really want from their favourite brands in terms of shipping.

  1. Free Shipping

As you already know markets are saturated with sellers, buyers and delivery agents as well. To stand out from the race, companies have to offer better services than others. And that’s the reason shipping became free.

Stats show that 75% of people are more likely to shop online if free shipping is there. And 93% of shoppers add kore to their carts with free shipping. So, free shipping is a must for e-commerce businesses. This builds trust and reputation of your brand but offering free shipping means you’ve to pay extra to digest those shipping expenses. So, calculate it wisely, you shouldn’t go in losses in order to offer free shipping.

  1. Fast shipping

Customers want their product within one to three days mostly. Delivery speed totally depends on the size of the parcel, distance and delivery partner. As a brand, you should always try to deliver the item as fast as possible you.

    3. Distribution centres

The distribution centre matters when it comes to delivery speed. The far your distribution centre will be the more time it’ll take to ship the product to the customer.

Keep your distribution network in a well-connected area and expand it over time as your business depends a lot on it. People more like to but from a nearby area rather than from far place.

  1. Customer support

For a brand, a customer support team is very necessary to handle all the customer issues. It’s a duty for a company to take a stand with your customers while they need you.

Shipping on e-bay


How to Start an eBay Courier Delivery?

Now you know the customer expectations but how do you deliver fast, free and nearby? There are three ways that you can start shipping on eBay and keep your customers satisfied.

  1. Self–shipping

Self shipping gives you the flexibility to choose any shipping partner you like. It’s the fastest way you can deliver your item to the buyer. Just compare the rates outside and decide the best fit. Thousands of eBay sellers ship from their homes every day and you can do too.

Calculate the shipping cost from the eBay shipping calculator. Self-shipping also allows you to promote your brand. You can use brand stickers, slips for promotion, any kind of announcement or personalized messages as well. This will strengthen your brand reputation.

  1. eBay dropshipping

Dropshipping takes away the burden from your shoulder as a seller. And also reduces your expenses. You don’t have to keep a storage of your products. When you receive an order, dropshipper fulfils it and ship the product to the buyer.

Dropshipping can be a troublemaker as the delivery part isn’t in your control. Be sure that your delivery partner is reliable so that you can deliver the product in time and safely.

  1. Third-party delivery partner

A third-party delivery partner gives you extra proficiency with extra cost. This will be more convenient for large businesses. They provide warehousing, packaging and delivery options at the same time.

Using a third-party option will give you extra surety and safety in your shipping. They maintain tight deadlines and you can track your shipment at any point in time until it is delivered.

Cost of eBay courier delivery

Cost of eBay Shipping

Weight, dimensions, distance everything matters while calculating your eBay shipment cost. The method of transporting also plays a great role. Also, it is difficult to tell the exact price without the exact measurements. It may vary from $2 to $10 to ship a one-pound package in the UK. And for international shipping, it may go up to hundreds of dollars.

Check your eBay shipment cost with Parcello and get your delivery done at the lowest price in the UK.

In this quick guide to eBay shipping, we provided a basic idea about how does the whole thing work. Do you know what do you sell? How frequently do you need to ship? Do you sell large items or small items? These all matter in choosing the right shipping method for your customer. Use inventory management software to manage your business and also use the eBay shipping calculator to find out the shipping rate.

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