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No matter where your business is based, every e-commerce business needs international shipping to reach maximum customer reach. The global e-commerce market is expected to cross $4.8 trillion by this year. Around 2.4 billion people shop online and more than 50% of them buy products internationally. And most of the buyers use Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba for their extraordinary international exposure.

Competition for global customers increasing significantly and this is the right time to take the benefit of it. If your business can deliver products across the borders safely then it’s a plus point for you. Let’s understand what international shipping is and how your business can stand out by selling internationally.

What is International Shipping?

The term “International Shipping” refers to the process of importing and exporting products between different countries. It may sound fancy but the actual process is quite difficult. There are many rules and regulations that businesses have to follow in order to cross the country’s border.

Air, road, and water are the three types of freight used in international shipping and every country have their own rule for import and export. Many countries have strict restrictions on a few particular products, so companies need to take care of that as well.

How to Ship Internationally?

Unlike domestic shipment, international shipping has a few extra steps to follow. Small business owners or entrepreneurs generally contact international shipping providers to get their job done otherwise you need to deal with custom brokers to arrange your shipment.

There is paperwork that needs to be done on a priority basis. If you’re about to ship your parcel internationally for the first time then it might cause a bit of trouble for you but don’t worry! We are here for you. Here are the steps that you need to look upon –

  • Documentation –

    This is the most important part of the whole process. One small mistake can cost you thousands. Gather all the information related to your shipment and represent that in the required format. Make sure all the given information is correct.

  • Contact delivery partner

    Contact the delivery company with which you’re planning to send your parcel. Give your parcel and documents and also, you’ve to sign a contract with them as well. You’ll get a tracking no of your parcel, keep that with you.

  • Custom clearance

    The hardest part! If you’re shipping with a delivery company then you don’t need to do anything just make your payment and enjoy! Cause they have everything already arranged from their side.

In general, you need a customs broker in this stage as they are professionals arranging international freight movements. If your documentation is fine then you’re all set. Your broker will execute custom clearance for you.

  • Tracking your parcel

    You have the tracking ID with you. Using that ID, you can track your parcel and make sure it reaches its destination properly. Real-time tracking is quite difficult for international shipping. Moreover, do not cancel reverse logistics and returns. If the product doesn’t satisfy your customer, then they may return it. It’s pretty common in the e-commerce business.

International shipping cost


Cost of International Shipping

Well, the cost of international shipping depends upon different factors like distance, parcel size, delivery time, and the company also. It is recommended to check the cost for particular delivery on the service provider’s website. It’ll get a better idea.

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International Shipping Facility Provider

There are hundreds of companies that provide international shipping facilities. DHL, Parcelforce, DPD are a few popular companies in the UK that offer international parcel delivery services. Parcello is also one the finest international shipping prodder in the UK with a very reasonable price. Do check that out as well.

International shipping is mandatory for businesses and the demand is also on top. Through this article, we tried to guide you to the path of international shipping.

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