Difference Between Courier Service and Postal Service




E-commerce businesses are growing rapidly around the globe. One of the biggest dependencies of e-commerce startups is logistics service for both their national and international clients. There are so many options available in the market nowadays. Choosing the right delivery option will help your brand to stand out with super high customer satisfaction.

In this article, we will discuss the basic differences between courier service and postal service so that you can choose the perfect delivery solution for your brand.


   What is a Courier Service?

A courier service is a company mostly non-government that provides shipping services. These firms have different types of network systems. Some of them provide local delivery or for any particular region shipping while others focus on the international courier.

Few offer only limited weighted packages and others deliver large items. DHL, FedEx, DTDC, Royal Mail are few popular courier service companies.


   Types of Courier Service

  • Local Shipping – Some companies offer only local shipping mostly based on metropolitan cities. They focus more on speedy delivery like same-day delivery and next-day delivery with a pick-up option. Many startups build their delivery businesses by starting with local delivery options only and gradually they expand with other facilities as well.


  • Time-sensitive Delivery – There are courier services that provide delivery services focused on timing. They follow strict deadlines in their service. This service is mainly available for short distances like within the same town or state. Time-sensitive delivery doesn’t work for international delivery.

In this category, deliveries can be possible within as low as 2 hours depending upon the distance. Companies also give the option to choose at what specific time do you want to get delivered your product like morning, afternoon, or night.


  • International Shipping – International shipping deals with clients all over the world. Customers from different regions of the world can get delivered their parcels.

Companies also look after the taxes, customs, and duty handling and ensure that your package has been safely delivered to the recipients. The cost for any international delivery is very high compared to the national o local delivery.


  • Pallet Delivery – There are companies that only provide pallet delivery options which is usually applicable for businesses. Large packages up to 1000 kg are delivered using pallet delivery. Mainly industrial shipping like machinery parts is done using pallets.

Almost every company provides a tracking option for their customers to track their package in transport.


   What is a Postal Service?

 The postal service is also a shipping company but fully operated by the government. All the staff, distribution networks are operated by the government. Postal services are mainly used to send official documents and couriers. Especially, if you need to send a courier to any government offices or organizations then using postal service would be the best option.

One of the biggest disadvantages of using the postal service is its unforeseen delay in deliveries that can be seen often. And due to this many people prefer not to send urgent documents through the postal service. United States Postal Service (USPS), UK post, China post are a few mentions of postal services.


   Courier Service vs Postal Service – Differences


Previously we got to know what courier service and postal service are. Now let’s look at how they differ from each other –


  • Pricing – No doubt, the postal service is the cheapest option available in the market. But due to its delays in delivery and other drawbacks, it fails to build trust between the brand and customer.

But with courier services you get lots of flexibility with a bit higher rate. A good service at a good rate – that describes courier service.

  • Service Quality – “You get what you paid”, of course, you heard this line. The line justifies the service quality of postal services. less customer support, not maintaining deadlines, and poor tracking system describes the service quality.

But that doesn’t mean that all the postal services are bad. There are many countries out there where the services are really good compared to the price.

Courier services are known for their quality services.  Otherwise, you think who would prefer to choose courier service by paying extra money. Their pricier services cover some extra facilities like packaging, delivery to a remote area, tracking, great customer support, etc. A good service builds a good relationship and that’s why using a good courier service can add extra value to your business.


Now you have the idea of postal service, courier service, and their differences. Think about your shipping goals, customer needs and decide the right fit for your business!

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