How To Prepare A Christmas Parcel?

How To Prepare A Christmas Parcel?

Sending gifts to friends and family members who we can’t be with over Christmas is a tradition. Gifting trends are changing over time but the basic concept is the same. Still, people make mistakes in preparing gifts. We’re here to help you out in picking a perfect gift for your close ones. Keeping this advice in mind will help your Christmas parcel stay intact in the journey.

Important Advice For Preparing Christmas Gift

  1. Christmas is very special and people all over the world celebrate this auspicious day. So, it is obvious that millions of gifts are being sent during the Christmas season.

It is better for you to plan your gift a few weeks earlier to be on the safe side. Planning your Christmas gift early will benefit you in terms of shipping cost, delivery delays, and headaches as well.

  1. Do not cover the outer box with a fancy/stylish wrapper. It may lead to damage to your package.
  2. Never mention the value (prices, specific name) of your gift on the label.

What Things Are Required To Plan Christmas Parcel Early?

  • Decide Budget

First things first. Before you start preparing anything for Christmas set a budget for your gift to make things wisely. The budget should include gift price, packaging charges, shipping cost, and every single expense that you’ll need to pay for.

  • Choose the Right Box

Choose the right-sized box for your gift. Go for an eco-friendly option if possible. Prefer not to use old boxes. Make sure the box is solid and can bear the items inside without any damage. Don’t cover anything outside the box.

Wrapping Christmas Parcel

  • Wrap Every Item Inside Individually

If your gift box contains multiple items then wrap every item separately and put bubble wrappers or newspapers to fill the empty spaces inside the box. The cushion will protect the gifts from any type of damage in transportation.

  • Do the Measurements

After packing, check the weight, length, height, and breadth of the box. Mention the measurement on the box clearly.

  • Add Labels

Stick the label on the box and it should be visible clearly. The label should include the addresses of both the sender and receiver, weight, and dimension of the box.

  • Check Shipping Cost

Christmas is the peak season for parcel companies. They deliver thousands of couriers every single day. Many companies provide sales on different services while for many you have to pay extra. That’s why it is important to send a Christmas gift one month prior to save extra bucks.

Check the prices for different delivery options on the company’s website and book an order.

  • International Gifts

For an international gift, you have to fill out the customs form and add it to the box carefully. Remember one-minute mistake can cause your gift return. Take help from your courier partner in case of any problem in understanding the documents/contracts. Also, check the prohibited items list, custom rules, and taxes from the internet before proceeding.

  • Track Your Parcel

Use a tracking system to monitor your parcel in transit. You’ll get to know if there is any issue or delay in delivery by tracking with the tracking id. Almost every company provide tracking option to their customers. Once the package is delivered, you’ll be notified by the authority.

Hope this guide on sending a Christmas parcel will be useful to you. Also, don’t forget to check the terms and conditions for sending a gift from the courier’s website.

*Merry Christmas in Advance*

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