The Do’s and Don’ts Of Special Gift Packaging

The Do’s and Don’ts Of Special Gift Packaging

A surprise gift is always interesting. The joy of opening the gift wrap is inexpressible. Gift-giving is an art. It can make one happy or spoiled if you don’t apply the right technique of special gift packaging.

The half excitement of a gift depends on its packaging and another half on the item inside the box. We can help you with the gift packing part only. Let’s look at what you should do and what don’t while packing a gift for your closed one.

Do’s of Special Gift Packaging

Package It Well

It’s the most important job for you as a gift sender. A damaged gift will definitely spoil the whole excitement. Use new boxes, if possible, use designed boxes that are specially made for gifting. Create a cushion inside the box to make the item friction-free. You can use newspaper, and padding wrap to protect the item. Make sure there should be no movement inside the box.

Remember, the box should be sturdy. Use tapes to close the box. And finally, add labels on the box or you can write the addresses on the box.

Also, check the packing guide from the courier’s website and follow it to avoid any restrictions. Some item needs special packaging. If your item belongs to that category then pack it accordingly.

Do The Measurement Correctly

Do The Measurement Correctly

From shipping charges to delivery time everything depends upon the weight and measurement of the package. Measure the dimensions and weight of the box correctly and mention it on the label.

Also, mention it while booking a shipment for your gift. Any error in measurement will end up by paying extra charges and for international shipment, your package may return back to you.

Many people measure the weight and dimension before they pack the gift. Don’t do this mistake. Take every measure after packing your gift.

Check Your Items From Restricted List

Before planning a gift don’t forget to check the prohibited items list from the courier’s website. Different country and courier have their own list of restricted items that you can’t send through them. And if you’re sending a gift to your international friends then you’ve to do a lot of homework. From restricted items list to taxes for the gift etc.

Many popular gift items that you can’t send include

  • Bakery items such as chocolates and cakes
  • Liquid items like Alcohols, Perfumes
  • Flowers and plants

There is also a list of a few items which are allowed to send but will not be compensated in case of damage or loss. These items are

  • Musical instruments like guitar and all
  • Glass items like jewelry, showpiece
  • Electrical items like laptops, computers, smartphones, and tablets

You don’t sure about something then you can contact their customer support and confirm it. But never try to send any restricted items in a gift, you’ll end up paying lots of fines and charges than your gift value.

Mention Every Detail

If you’re sending the package to an international destination then you’ve to mention every single detail about the parcel to clear the customs. Mention what is inside, for what purpose it is being sent, the value of the gift, and the dimensions everything needs to attach to the box. Fill in the custom form and add it with the box.

Any small mistake and your package will be delayed or may get a return. In addition, don’t forget to mention the return address on the box. You’ll not lose your parcel if you mention a return address.

Special Gift Packaging - last mile delivery

Don’ts of Special Gift Packaging

Delivering It At The Last Minute

Don’t prepare a gift shipment at the very last movement. Give time to arrive at it. There may be an issue in the transit and it won’t reach at right time. Especially, in the festive season like Christmas, it takes a longer time to deliver a package than normal. So, plan according to that.

Though popular couriers like DHL, FedEx, USPS provide excellent service for both domestic and international delivery.

Use Of Attractive Packaging

Attracting packing is good but dangerous at the same time. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use gift wrap at all. Use it inside the outer package. Most outer packages should be done with a normal sturdy box. Inside that box, you can use whatever styling you want.

Using attractive packaging on the outside can lead to misbehaving or damage.

Ignoring Taxes And Import Duties

Each country has its own import taxes on gift items. Depending upon the gift value the tax percentage can range between 0 to 60%. For a certain range of value, you get tax relaxation but when you exceed that range you’ve to pay taxes.

Check the tax rates from the customs and prepare your gift. It’s the recipient’s duty to pay the taxes for the gifts. So, be careful before you receive the gifts. Many people are getting frauded by these international gift taxes.

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