Tips For Sending A Parcel To The USA

send parcel to the USA

send parcel to the USA


With the help of technology, delivery became easy and affordable. Can you imagine how easy it is to send a parcel to the USA? You can literally send gifts to your friends or relatives in the USA without moving out of your house. Probably at Christmas you want to send a gift to your brother who is studying in the USA. To make your delivery process easier we are providing you few tips to follow.

Check the Legality of Your Parcel in the USA

Before sending a parcel to the USA, check the items in your parcel is safe to send in the USA. You can check the items that are prohibited in the USA and avoid these items in your parcel to send them to the USA safely. It is also advised to look at the USA’s postal service page to know the country-specific restrictions as well.

If you’re planning to send some food or alcohol to your brother at Christmas then you’ve to stop your planning right now as foods and drinks are not allowed to import into the USA. Though not all foods are restricted. Do check the list before putting anything into the parcel.

Be Aware of the Import Rules

All the countries have their own custom rules for import. A small mistake can hold up the whole process of entering the parcel to the USA. Attach the custom declaration to your parcel to avoid any restrictions and extra charges. But if you’re sending any small packages like t-shirts then you don’t need to worry about any customs duties.

Add Lebel Accurately

Lebel everything accurately on the parcels in order to get your parcel delivered at the right time and right destination. Add complete address, contact details of both sender and receiver in capital letter. The complete address includes flat/house no, PO box (if needed), street direction, and area codes.

Many people don’t add their address as a sender but should not do this mistake. In case of a return, you’ll get your parcel back to your address.

Pack Your Parcel Appropriately

Your parcel will travel a lot. So, it needs strong packaging to keep the inner item intact. An international package requires quite extra stability than a domestic one as it’ll go through multiple deports and sorting facilities. Refer to some packaging guidelines available on the web and make your package ready for an international trip.

Use Professional Courier Services

By using a professional courier, you can just chill because they give you the surety that your package will arrive on time and safely. You can use Parcello to get your parcel delivered to the USA with a smooth delivery experience. We take care of your customs and other legalities as well.

With a professional courier service, you have the freedom to choose whether you want to deliver an urgent courier which is a bit pricy, or normal delivery (usually takes between 3-5 days to deliver from the UK to the USA).

Following the above tips will allow you to avoid any such mistakes that might detain your parcel to enter the US border. Now let your friends and family enjoy your gift in the USA.

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