Cheap eBay Courier Service

People who do business with eBay can deliver their products easily with Parcello. Parcello has special courier services dedicated to eBay customers at a very reasonable price. We also offer collection service and drop-off service giving the customers extra flexibility on their choices.

What’s more interesting is that it’s exceptionally hassle-free to arrange a courier collection from the vendor’s address or your own. As a matter of fact, booking order will not take more than 5 minutes.

How to Book an eBay Shipping with Parcello?

It’s super easy to book your eBay shipping order with us. You just have to keep a few things in mind while making an order.

Step 1: Go to our quote engine and choose your primary shipping mode (Domestic/international).

Step 2: Choose both its origin and delivery destination from the dropdown arrow list.

Step 3: Enter your parcel details like weight, height, length, and width.

Step 4: Click on the “Quote and Book” button to complete the order.

You get multiple courier options that deliver eBay orders. Choose the right one according to your needs. That’s it!

Book a Courier for Large eBay Items

We can also help customers to send large and heavy goods because we work with a variety of UK domestic carriers who can provide service for all kinds of items.

Our customers who avail our postage rates to ship a wide range of items every day, such as:

Be sure to visit our prohibited items list before you book because some items can be carried for you but without protection cover available.

Benefits of Using Parcello For Shipping eBay Items.

Well, you may think why should you choose Parcello for an eBay shipping? What’s special about us?

The answer is exciting pricing and a wide selection of services. Unlike other brands, we do not charge tons of bucks to deliver parcels. Furthermore, we have dedicated services for various occasions so that you get the best service from our side.

Also booking is very simple. We offer special discounts occasionally to make our customers happy.

Tips to Make Your Shipping Easier

For the parcels coming from eBay, it is suggested to provide the tracking details to the recipient in order for them to keep an eye on the delivery. Just simply provide the tracking number and they’ll be able to track it down on their own.

Lots of eBay sellers now keenly stated that the sold items will be dispatched via our service rather than generic eBay couriers as from their previous successful auctions we have perfectly shipped their items to the auction winners.

FAQs on our eBay Courier Service

Is there a specific eBay collection service you offer?

Our site is not only built to collect items from customers who are sending items that are purchased/sold on eBay but also for many other purposes.

The cheap parcel delivery services we offer are attractive and frequently used by eBay shippers due to the extensive range of services we have. Our site can be used to compare prices for big or small parcels, collection and drop-off services, parcels being sent to the UK or internationally.

Keeping the price of our services down helps eBay sellers save more money, while our reliable courier partners offer full tracking and protection cover which helps you keep at ease.

Do you offer cheap parcel delivery for sending eBay orders internationally?

We provide our best to provide you with some of the finest international courier services around from Express delivery to economy road services. We provide full tracking and some of the cheapest couriers around, thus international eBayers will be pleased with the services we offer.

Delivery to almost all international destinations is available and vice versa.

Selling online via eBay brings you the opportunity to ship to customers overseas. The most common eBay shipping destinations include the USA, Germany, France, and Australia.

I need a courier to collect an item I have purchased on eBay

Worry no more! We can assist you to get your eBay purchase collected from the seller if they have left this part to you. Simply get the parcel weight, dimensions, and the shipper’s address and enter the details through our quote engine and book the order.

There is no problem at all to arrange a courier to collect from an alternate address.

Buying a local eBay item?

Local eBay listings are famous nowadays where you organize to pick the goods up by yourself. If you have considered this and the item is large, you can check our Parcello local service rather than hiring a van for example as this is more convenient.

The Same Day service also works out well for those who need the goods to be collected and delivered on the same day. eBay sellers in larger cities such as London choose to book a local courier as they can save large sums of money.

We Offer World’s Best Couriers

Parcello has major accounts with the world’s largest and most trusted courier companies. We have secured huge discounts off their normal selling rates that allow us to offer you some of the lowest parcel delivery prices around.


Very Affordable

We offer discounted parcel delivery services that enable our customers to compare, book, and send parcels using a courier of their choice.


Better Customer Service

Our Live Chat team is available on working days from 9 am to 7 pm – and if the team is offline, then leave a message and it will be picked up by a member of our dedicated support team.


Guaranteed Fastest Delivery

We only work with the best carriers to provide the best service possible. We continually monitor delivery performances and benchmark against other carriers. Real-Time parcel tracking on every shipment sent is also available with Parcello.