What is expedited delivery?

Expedited delivery is a type of shipping where the delivery is faster than any normal service. Vehicles that carry expedited delivery parcels hardly stop on road. They directly pick up the parcels and deliver them to the destination.

Parcels sent via an expedited courier are prioritized over standard parcels. It can be delivered in the UK as early as the next day or the following morning. You can also book expedited international delivery, which allows you to send a parcel overseas.

You’ll get expedited shipping from different couriers on our website. Compare the services and opt for the best one according to your need.

How long does expedited delivery take?

Same-day delivery, next-day delivery, next-morning delivery, and so on. These are a few types of expedited delivery and your parcel will be delivered depending upon what service you choose.

International destinations take longer to deliver to; however, we have expedited international services available to book that will guarantee your parcel is shipped overseas in a span of 2-4 days to most locations.

Expedited shipping tracking

The Parcello shipment number can be used on our site and we will show all the tracking events the couriers report back to us. You can also track using the tracking number on the shipping labels and track directly on the courier website. Also, send the tracking details to the recipient to make them know about the delivery status.

FAQs for Expedited Shipping

Which couriers offer expedited delivery through Parcello?

Most of the couriers we work with offer expedited delivery. Moreover, they often provide a choice of collection and drop Off services.

What is the difference between standard and expedited shipping?

Delivery times are the main difference between standard shipping and expedited delivery services. If you have an important or time-sensitive parcel and it needs to arrive on an urgent basis, you should look up to an expedited courier. You will also enjoy full tracking and can share this important information with the recipient. 

You may book expedited services for everything from small to large pallets, as our quote engine compares multiple couriers based on the weight, dimensions, and destination of your parcel.

How much is expedited shipping?

Expedited shipping costs will vary depending on which courier you book, how fast the item will be delivered and where you are shipping to. If you want to send a parcel abroad, it will cost more than sending one to the UK.

One thing is for sure, booking expedited delivery online can save you a lot of money. As we have large discounts compared to those rates available at the Post Office counter. We are even cheaper than booking a courier directly online as we provide the couriers with a vast number of parcels in return for favorable delivery prices.

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