Pallet Delivery Price Comparison

Parcello can help you compare and book cheap pallet delivery using our discounted pallet courier services. Just go to our quote engine and enter your details and boom! You will get information regarding all the couriers offering pallet delivery. Just compare and book yours. 

What is Pallet Delivery?

Pallets are flat; specifically, a square-shaped structure that is used to move large items in courier companies. These are primarily made of wood and metal. Pallets can be of many sizes but the standard size is 1200*800.

So, pallet delivery is the method of transporting goods where the items are being shipped on a pallet. These are only for large couriers and can be able to hold the maximum weight of 1000 KG. 

Different Types of Pallet Delivery Available at Parcello 

Parcello has various types of couriers who offer dedicated pallet delivery services to our customers. We discussed some of the popular pallets delivery services below. 

  • Same-day Pallet Delivery – Delivering large items that can be up to 1000 KG on the same day or within a day is not a cup of tea. But Parcello can do it for our customers. Our courier partners offer special pallet delivery services that can deliver your parcel within the same day or the day after. In addition to that, you have the choice of selecting the collection time according to your suitability.
  • Weekend Pallet Delivery – We have couriers who provide weekend pallet delivery services. In this case, your item will be delivered on the weekends. You can book it through our website to get the best deal out there. 

Does Parcello Offer International Pallet Delivery?

We’re sorry to say that we do not offer international pallet delivery yet. But we have a few couriers who deliver large items abroad which do not need pallets. You can check that out now!

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Parcello has major accounts with the world’s largest and most trusted courier companies. We have secured huge discounts off their normal selling rates that allow us to offer you some of the lowest parcel delivery prices around.


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We offer discounted parcel delivery services that enable our customers to compare, book, and send parcels using a courier of their choice.


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Our Live Chat team is available on working days from 9 am to 7 pm – and if the team is offline, then leave a message and it will be picked up by a member of our dedicated support team.


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We only work with the best carriers to provide the best service possible. We continually monitor delivery performances and benchmark against other carriers. Real-Time parcel tracking on every shipment sent is also available with Parcello.