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Send a Parcel Abroad

You might have friends or family abroad and you need to send something to them. In order to do so, you need a courier service who can deliver your parcel to your closed one without any hamper. Parcello will help you in delivering your parcels at a very reasonable price.

Standard post vs courier services

The logistics involved in international shipping can be impressive, think multiple contractors, methods of transportation, and postal organizations.

Postal services are really cheap and you don’t get what you pay. Means most of the services are out of date. Delivery times are very long and sometimes you need to wait longer than it should take. Moreover, you might get stuck in long queues while placing your order. Though there are few postal services that are very efficient but the efficiency is very rare here. 

On the other hand, courier services are efficient, reliable, and affordable as well. It is a bit costly than postal services but not expensive. You get a variety of services dedicated to a different categories of parcels. From same-day delivery to pallet delivery, you can get everything that one might imagine.

It may take two months or more to deliver a parcel from the UK to Africa with a typical postal service whereas it only takes 3-7 days with a good courier service. You can see the difference here. That’s the reason why people are using our quote engine to find suitable couriers for their own. Even business owners are delivering their products across the globe with Parcello.

If time is of the essence, as it usually is, look into a courier service. Very often you’ll pay only a little more for a four-day door-to-door premium service or a sub-fortnight economy service.

Drop-off and pick-up logistics

While most courier companies will happily come to you to collect a parcel ready for sending, parcel drop-off points have become a popular option over the past few years.

Drop-off points are available in many locations where you can just leave your parcel. And the courier partner will collect it from there. The best part is you don’t need to wait for the courier to collect your parcel from home.

If you’re booking an international courier online, you’ll be able to see what your drop-off and pick-up options are, and make a courier choice accordingly.

Weighing up the costs

Delivery time is one of the most important factors in choosing a courier service, with another being cost.

Typically, the more you pay, the quicker the delivery, and the more comprehensive the tracking information. If time is on your side, a less expensive service can be an option, but be sure to check what kind of tracking and liability features are available.

Other Information

Packing ready to send

You’ve chosen your courier and you’re readying your parcel for drop-off or pick-up. Take the time to make sure that your item is properly and safely packaged, and that your packaging can withstand the bumps, knocks, and temperature fluctuations that might occur when on the road or in the air.

Tip: Void filler is a popular choice for ensuring your parcel’s contents sit safely within their packaging, but it can be a pricey item, and one that you need to go out of your way to buy. Consider scrunched-up newspaper, bubble-wrap, or recyclable materials that can function as cushioning.

Getting through customs

It’s not just travelers who have to get through customs at the end of a long flight; parcels have to do the same thing.

This is where you need to get friendly with customs documentation and the specific customs requirements of the countries you’re planning on shipping too.

If you’ve booked your courier online, you’ll be given a downloadable or web-based form for providing a detailed listing of your parcel’s contents. Being thorough, comprehensive and descriptive is key to lessening the chances of a parcel being held up.

While you’re online, be sure to check the importation rules and restrictions of the country you’re shipping to, some items are forbidden for obvious reasons, but others are outlawed seemingly arbitrarily. For example, audio cassettes and sports equipment can’t be sent to India, wooden parcels and playing cards are a no-go in Mexico, and calendars, catalogs, and magazines are on the restricted list in Australia.

Sending your parcel off into the world

Now it’s time to wait, and keep a careful eye on your parcel’s shipping progress via its tracking information. Most courier companies provide milestone tracking updates that you can follow online to check that your parcel is on schedule or to follow up if needed.

Tip: Share the tracking link or number with the parcel recipient so they know to be there to greet the parcel upon its arrival.

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