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What is the volumetric weight?

The courier industry uses different methods for assessing the volumetric weight of a parcel. But before we proceed, let us know first what volumetric weight is? Volumetric weight is used to calculate how much space an item is going to take up in the courier’s network and how much weight that would physically represent.

The bigger an item is, the more room it consumes on a vehicle or aircraft, and the more it costs to send. On the other hand, if an item is large but light, the price will be based on the size rather than the weight.

How volumetric weight is calculated?

The calculation for working out volumetric weight is height x length x width in CM divided by for example 5000.

Using the above as an example, if your item is 60x20x30cm and weighed 5kg then the volumetric weight would be 7.2kg and this is what your quotation would represent. The division figures are different across various different couriers but in general somewhere between 4000 and 6000 are used.

Following this, the courier will then proceed on comparing the volumetric weight to the actual physical weight of a parcel and will apply charges whichever is the greater of the two. This is most commonly known as the invoiced/chargeable weight.

To take the stress out of this for our customers, we have incorporated all of these factors into our quote engine. Our system automatically calculates the volumetric weight for you.

When you book with Parcello, as long as you provide the accurate dimensions of your parcel into our quote engine, along with the correct parcel weight and delivery destinations, you can be sure of an accurate quote. When you perform a quote, this will be calculated for you.

Why the volumetric weight is important?

Volumetric weight is very important because Parcello will be charged on it. That’s why we remind our customers to make sure that the measurements provided are very precise and accurate. Otherwise, this can be a source of a problem far ahead and moreover, charged for wrong declared weight/measurements based on the conclusions of the courier.

For that reason, make sure to package your parcel properly, and once it is all packed and ready to ship, weigh and measure it accurately in order to get the correct postage cost.

Do the couriers you work with have any information about volumetric weight?

Yes, they do have a guide and we also work with them thoroughly to provide you with all the relevant information you should need when shipping a parcel both the UK and overseas.

How can I measure my parcel?

A handy app for your smartphone via Product Hunt called “Air Measure” can absolutely help. This allows you to measure a box without needing a tape measure. This is a virtual tape that allows you to measure a box at any time in any place, perfect for that unusual occasion when you really need to know the parcel dimensions.

Aside from that, you can also use a physical tape to measure the height, weight, and length.

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