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Need to cancel a collection?

If you no longer need the collection service or you made some mistakes while booking the service then don’t worry. You can cancel your booking anytime and the refund will be initiated within a couple of days to your account.

Simply reach out to our support team via Live Chat. Our Live Chat team is open from Monday to Friday 8 am to 9 pm. They will further assist to cancel the collection and advise the courier company beforehand to cancel the collection on that day.

By any chance, if the courier is not advised of the cancellation and they arrive to collect the parcel, please do not hand over the goods as you will then be charged as the item will be scanned into their network. Thus, you will have to pay for the service. Kindly decline the collection and this will show on the tracking and the refund can still be issued.

When you should cancel your order?

If there is a massive change on the collection or delivery address or you no longer need the service then it’s needed to cancel the order so that you can book a new order again with the correct address. This will also help you avoid any problems that might possibly occur during the delivery period and to ensure the delivery is okay without a hindrance.

Common Reasons for Cancelling an Order

  • Change of collection or delivery address

Usually, some customers had a mistake in entering the address during the booking process and only notice when the booking is confirmed and the shipping label is sent. We can gladly assist you in amending the errors without cancelling the order if there is only a minor change like a missing house number or a mistake in spelling, just simply log in on your account and reach out via live chat or create a support ticket.

  • Change of parcel weight or dimensions

It is really necessary to provide the correct dimensions and weight of the item to be sure that the item will not be refused or returned by the couriers or to avoid additional charges. If you think you made wrong entries for the dimensions and weight then you can cancel the order and reapply for it.

These additional charges are usually applied by the couriers for those items with mis-declared volumetric weight. Make sure to weigh the item as soon as it is packed to ensure that the correct weight and dimensions are entered into the quote engine. Any changes to the order such as dimensions or weight, the order should be cancelled as we cannot make any adjustments on these once your booking is confirmed.

Simply advise us if you want to cancel and we will gladly assist you with the cancellation and a refund will be issued.

On top of that, if you also received a message saying ‘Problem please contact us’, this is something that we can resolve for you too. We can check and verify what is the root cause of the problem and come up with a solution once checked.

Still, need to cancel? You can also raise a support ticket here aside from contacting via Live Chat and our team will further assist with your request.


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