Transport a Fridge Via Courier

Parcello has special courier services that only cater to heavy parcels. We have negotiated some heavily discounted prices for large, cumbersome, and bulky white goods such as fridges, freezers, and fridge freezers with specialists whom you can book via our quote engine. If you require a large or heavy courier service, then don’t forget to get a quote from us by filling in the above details.

If you have bought a fridge locally on marketplaces such as eBay, Gumtree or Facebook, then you should consider Parcello local. This will get the fridge collected and delivered by the next day. Moreover, you can choose exactly the size of vehicle you need before you book and also be able to choose a rough time for pick-up.

Offers That You Can’t Resist

Parcello has major accounts with the world’s largest and most trusted courier companies. Our strong bond with these couriers has secured us a huge discount on their normal selling price which means you get discounted rate on each of our services.


Frequently Asked Questions When Sending Fridge

Got a query? Here are some of the frequently asked questions that might help you.

Do you transport a small fridge?

Yes, we do offer courier delivery via a wider range of couriers for smaller fridges that fit under counters.

A typical under-counter fridge, when adequately packaged for delivery, would measure 50cm x 50cm x 90cm and weighted 27kg. This could be moved by a number of couriers even Hermes Large for a great price.

Tips for sending fridge

Tips when sending fridge:

Do you transport a large fridge?

Yes. A freestanding fridge, such as the Indesit CAA 55 measures approximately 62cm x 59cm x 180cm and weighted 58kg and would cost more due to its dimensions, but if it is in your local area getting it from A to B via, selecting a large van would be the best value for money.

How to book a courier to transport my fridge?

There are some details you should be aware of when you book a courier to transport your fridge.

Measuring the weight & dimension

You will need to weigh and measure the fridge once you have it all packed and ready for transport. Provide all the accurate to our quote engine to get the services we have for you. We appreciate weighing a fridge might be a tricky task, but you can always find the model of the fridge online and take the weight from there and add a little on for the packaging. This is another reason why you should make sure it is empty and defrosted!

Printing the shipping labels

You’ll need to print the shipping labels to attach them to the outer packaging of the fridge so they can be correctly directed to the recipient. If you book Parcello local delivery service, there will be no need for labels as the courier will transport it directly from A to B.

The chances are you will need to help the courier to load and unload the fridge in both collection and delivery time. Parcello courier services are not a specific white goods service, so they may only bring your item to your door and no further.

Reason to choose Parcello 

Parcello is among the topmost growing courier brands out there in the UK. With our excellent courier booking services, we’re getting popularity among big brands. Our site offers discounted parcel delivery services and enables our customers to compare, book, and send parcels using a courier of their choice.

Very Affordable

We offer discounted parcel delivery services that enable our customers to compare, book, and send parcels using a courier of their choice.


Better Customer Service

Our Live Chat team is available on working days from 9 am to 7 pm – and if the team is offline, then leave a message and it will be picked up by a member of our dedicated support team.


Guaranteed Fastest Delivery

We only work with the best carriers to provide the best service possible. We continually monitor delivery performances and benchmark against other carriers. Real-Time parcel tracking on every shipment sent is also available with Parcello.