Send Alloy Wheels with Parcello

Sending car parts has never been that easy. We have couriers who offer specialized courier services for large items such as alloy wheels. Just fill out the quote form above and hit the “Quote & Book” to get a price.

Customers who use Parcello to compare prices have often saved money using our discounted rates on parcels. Booking directly with a courier or through the Post office, Will charge hefty fees, whereas we offer discounted rates due to the volume of items we post.

Offers That You Can’t Resist

Parcello has major accounts with the world’s largest and most trusted courier companies. Our strong bond with these couriers has secured us a huge discount on their normal selling price which means you get discounted rate on each of our services.


Frequently Asked Questions When Sending Alloy Wheels

Got a query? Here are some of the frequently asked questions that might help you.

How much would it cost to send alloy wheels?

The prices for delivering alloy wheels will depend largely on the number of wheels and destination. Simply package your alloys or tires and get a quote from the Parcello quote engine based on the dimensions of your packed box or pallet.

The larger the wheels the heavier it’ll be and the cost will increase. Our customers often use our services to send 17″ alloys or much larger ones. A 17″ alloy weights approximately 7kg and is packaged in a box with dimensions of 50 cm*50 cm*40 cm which is completely fine with our services. 

How about Tire Courier?

Tires are hard-wearing so they may not require the same level of protection as alloy wheels, but that doesn’t mean our couriers won’t carry it with care. 

Make sure any tires you are posting, do have bubble wrap and protective packaging just to be on the cautious side. If they are not packaged the courier may refuse them at the point of collection. Tires must be deflated to be safe to send.

Quick and Weekend Delivery

We offer a same-day delivery service as well as a service for the weekend. All our services guarantee reliability, fast and affordability. 

These premium delivery costs are generally higher, but they do allow you to provide a higher quality of service than perhaps your competitors do. We have seen people selling items like alloys and wheels in their local area using Gumtree, and saving money by booking a local courier.

How to send a parcel?

Sending parcels with us is very easy and hassle-free. Just simply provide the weight of your parcel and where you want to send it. We will find you various courier services to select from.

Either you have sold something online or you are sending a gift – no matter the reason you can use our services to find the cheapest way to deliver a parcel. You can absolutely search for the prices, how swiftly it is going to arrive, and book a reliable courier service that suits your needs in just a matter of time.

Can I arrange a parcel to be collected today?

Absolutely yes, we provide a couple of courier services for parcels to be collected today as long as you place the order in good time (early in the day).

Once the booking is confirmed, please make sure that there is no error message on your account towards your order as this may cause the order not to go through. If in any case, this scenario happened, you can reach us through Live Chat or leave us a support ticket and one of the team will get it fixed for you.

Do you have a service to compare courier prices?

By simply providing us with the parcel details, you will be able to see the options you can choose from on the quote results page.

There is a tab on top that will allow you to pick the exact type of parcel service that you need and will also let you view all the other courier companies available for you including all the details from the shipping price and the transit times.

Reason to choose Parcello

Parcello is among the topmost growing courier brands out there in the UK. With our excellent courier booking services, we’re getting popularity among big brands. Our site offers discounted parcel delivery services and enables our customers to compare, book, and send parcels using a courier of their choice.

Very Affordable

We offer discounted parcel delivery services that enable our customers to compare, book, and send parcels using a courier of their choice.


Better Customer Service

Our Live Chat team is available on working days from 9 am to 7 pm – and if the team is offline, then leave a message and it will be picked up by a member of our dedicated support team.


Guaranteed Fastest Delivery

We only work with the best carriers to provide the best service possible. We continually monitor delivery performances and benchmark against other carriers. Real-Time parcel tracking on every shipment sent is also available with Parcello.