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Thinking of sending car parts? Then our courier comparison tool is here to assist you to find the most reasonable way to have your parts delivered. Our courier services pay special attention to these heavy items. 

Spare parts of cars vary in different sizes and shapes. Packing them can be very tricky and customers must make sure to do this properly to avoid rejection from the courier.

When you need to send a parcel, our delivery services offer you a range of options using the world’s best couriers. Just fill out the quote form above and hit the “Quote & Book” to get a price.

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Car Parts That You Can Send

Here is the list of car parts that are allowed to transport. Please make sure to pack them well before sending. 

Reminder When Sending Car Parts

Your car part will be transported through a courier network with other heavy items. It will be processed through central depot points and the automated machinery involved from there and back.

Any issues can occur especially if the item is poorly packed, there are sharp edges showing or liquids leaking, or if the details you have provided on the booking form are insufficient and wrong.

To avoid furthermore issues as well, provide the precise dimensions and weight of your item because the driver might decline to collect the item if the car part is too long or too heavy. During the mock quote, make sure that the weight and dimensions are correct.

  • Body Panels
  • Bonnets
  • Boots/tailgates
  • Bumpers
  • Doors
  • Engines (must be drained of any oil or lubricants)
  • Exhausts
  • Gearboxes (must be drained of any oil or lubricants)
  • Seats and child seats
  • Tires & Wheels

Frequently Asked Questions When Sending Car Parts

Got a query? Here are some of the frequently asked questions that might help you.

What car parts are not suitable to send via a courier?

Items or containers with any form of liquid are strictly prohibited. Sending a gearbox or engine is very tricky. It is vital that no oil or fuel is left in it and that the part is cleaned and packed properly.

Aside from liquids, batteries are also prohibited. To avoid any headaches, try not doing so or your parcel will be returned or held. You are allowed to send tires but they should be deflated and removed to the alloy because pressurized items including airbags are strictly prohibited.

Items containing glass are also prohibited, as the glass is not suitable to send via a courier network, meaning windscreens are not suitable or doors with glass as well. Car lights are okay but these will be sent on a non-compensation basis.

How do I pack car parts ready for delivery?

There are a lot of various ways to pack car parts, as we all know; they are made of different shapes and sizes. There is an option to send them on a pallet because this is more likely a safe way to carry your goods.

Next, we will tackle the guidelines for the most common car parts posted that require certain packaging practices. You can visit our packaging guide for normal car parts packaging not included.

What are the most frequently parts to send?

The most frequently sent car parts are wiper blades. This type of car part is very lightweight but long. It can be sent in any of our UK courier services, or internationally because even when they are boxed up there is just a minimal to no weight on them.

How to post glass car components?

On the other hand, it is very crucial to send headlights or instrument displays but if you’re posting these items you will need to pack them very cautiously. Use a solid and sturdy box on packing these then add further protection by wrapping the fragile sides with more cardboard. Wrap it in bubble wrap and make sure it is firmly safe in the box.

Just a reminder, we do not offer protection cover for glass items as it was included on our restricted list.

How to send a car door or body panel?
Do you offer engines and heavy items delivery?
Do you offer delivery services for wheels and tires?
Do you have tips on fluids?
Do you offer insurance?

Parcello offers protection covers for free, up to a certain value on some of our services and you can opt-in for this during the booking process.

Nonetheless, for costly items we recommend you extend the cover just in the event that the item is damaged or lost in transit with the courier. Think of that your packaging must be acceptable and your item must not be included on the prohibited or restricted items list.

Are your courier services suitable for online marketplaces like eBay?

Yes. A lot of our valued customers are eBay sellers or sell online and they make use of services such as full tracked services, signed-for courier services, large-item delivery options, and adding protection cover.

Ecommerce consumers also expect to know when the car parts are set to arrive and the good thing here is you can share the tracking number with the recipient so they also keep an eye on the delivery.

Can I send car spare parts internationally?

Absolutely yes, car parts can be posted worldwide with the help of Parcello. In general, you can send them inexpensively, effortlessly, and securely, without any problems at all.

Yet, there are a few instructions and restrictions you should know about posting car components, and it is significant to make sure you package parts cautiously, conferring to the type of part it is.

How about Customs documents?
How about Importing car parts?

Great news! Importing car spares to the UK is now attainable because we have a variety of courier services that can help you get your anticipated automotive parts brought into the country.

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