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It’ll take only a couple of minutes to book an order for your fishing equipment and max a couple of days to deliver it. We also provide protection cover (Insurance) for items such as rods and poles during the booking process. This means we offer compensation in case of any loss, stolen or damage as long as the packaging guidelines have been followed, which is why it’s very vital to follow the guidelines we provided.

If your fishing rod is truly expensive or you just want to be on the safe side when your fishing equipment is in transit, you can go for an additional protection cover to the booking that exceeds some of the free protection levels we provide.

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Frequently Asked Questions When Sending Fishing Equipment

Got a query? Here are some of the frequently asked questions that might help you.

How to post fishing rods?

There’s no box that can fit the fishing rods. What you need to do is look for a courier that will assist you with the delivery of your fishing equipment.

Finding a way to deliver a fishing rod is really worrying because it is very fragile and long. The Post Office can’t cater long items while other couriers will charge a lot of money to handle your goods.

But Parcello is here to help you. Just simply put your parcel dimensions and delivery destination and our quote engine will show you your options in but not just it, you’ll have a chance to avail a great deal on the courier service we offer.

Can I post a fishing rod using any courier?

It will depend on the type of fishing rod. If the fishing rod is some kind of telescopic or two-piece rod then no need to worry because they can be reduced to a convenient size.

Nevertheless, your selections will be a bit more limited if you’re looking to ship a one-piece rod because many courier companies won’t transport materials of such length. 

How to prepare fishing rod before shipping?

Before shipping, fishing rods need to be packed appropriately because they are also considered fragile items that entail special needs when packing. You have the option to add protection cover to your booking as long as you have packaged your equipment properly.

Because of their extensive length, Rods and poles are not that easy to pack. Therefore they need a very specific type of container. Fortunately, there are storage options out there, and with some care and attention when it comes to packaging, rods can be shipped safely.

What do I need to pack a fishing rod?
Packing Materials

Primarily, you’ll need the usual packing materials like bubble wrap, polystyrene packing tape, and a container that’s strong enough to hold such subtle contents.

However, you only have a few options to choose from. The most common one is a purpose-made fishing tube or case and if you have these and decide to use them, you’ll still need to pack them into a box for shipping because it should be protected well to avoid dents or any damages. The only concern with using this is that it all gets a bit too long which is why we suggested the following instead.

Go to your nearest tackle shop and ask if they have any leftover tubes from rods they’ve had delivered to them and there’s a chance that you get it free of charge. If not attainable, sewer pipe or gutter down-pipe bought from a DIY store will be okay. Or you can use the tubes used inside rolls of carpet.

Cutting the makeshift tubes down to size, make sure to leave about two inches of space on either end. This makes the rod ends are further away from danger, and there’s plenty of space to add padding.

How to pack fishing rods for postage?

Steps on how to pack Fishing Rods:

How to pack multiple fishing rods?

You can send numerous rods depending on the size of the tube you’re using. Just make sure that you have enough space for protecting all the ends with bubble wrap. Face the rods in opposite directions when packing them and organize them so that the butts stick out an inch or two of the tips, in order to ensure that the rods are protected.

How to post fishing rods internationally?

Other than the length of the fishing rods, there are no problems posting them internationally.

Limitations are a bit tighter on long items being sent overseas as it can be expensive for the couriers to move these kinds of items. On condition that your package is around 155 cm max in length, you can still book a courier service and have it delivered, ideal for telescopic fishing rods.

As always, complete the customs forms we provide for international shipments properly, including an active contact telephone number of the recipient.

What other fishing gear can I send with Parcello?
You can send any fishing equipment as long as it comes under the maximum size limit mentioned by the courier. 

Our customers send not only fishing rods and poles but also; tackle boxes, nets, clothing, tents, waders, reels, lures, and hooks for all kinds of fishing whether be it coarse, carp or sea.

An accurate packaging is needed for these fishing accessories. Make sure that the measurements are all correct when you use the quote engine.

It is advisable to remove the batteries (if any) especially if these items are to be delivered overseas.

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