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Before anything else, read our complete guide about posting vinyl records. Be assured that you’re LPs and their covers stay in a good condition. Whether you are posting ‘The Doors’ to Dundee or sending ‘The Smiths’ to Sunderland, Parcello is here at your service!

We are here as well to service individuals and sellers to search for a courier who can send internationally in order for you to sell your vinyl to potential buyers worldwide, or to friends and family. It is very memorable to share records with loved ones. So make sure to use a reliable courier who will handle your parcel safely.

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Guide for posting vinyl records

There is actually a tactic to pack vinyl records that makes the process efficient. We’ll let you know the secret and ensure that your vinyl records will arrive safely to their destination.

Vinyl records are an absolutely big and booming business especially nowadays. Based on research, in 2017, over 40,000 copies of The Beatles Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band has been sold, not bad for a 50-year-old LP!

Vinyl sales are growing year by year, with numerous records available to buy on marketplaces like Discogs, Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. Having the values so high and condition imperative, that makes packaging crucial in the LP transaction process.

How to pack and send Vinyl records 

We provided tips on posting vinyl records which is worth reading whether you’re just simply selling to a collector or a hands-on seller. Not only reducing the chances of damage during transit is what we bring on these tips but also helps you to cut costs. This is a simple way to build a good impression from your buyer but in a non-costly way on your end. Interested? Continue on reading our tips below:

1. Sandwich It

Remove the vinyl out from the internal sleeve and cover sleeve and sandwich it in between the two. It will help the record to not cut through either of them in transit. This is mostly an issue and very heartbreaking to see especially if it’s collectible or it has a very memorable value. If the LP is brand-new, Make sure to ask the buyer whether they mind you opening the original packaging. But a reminder, opening a collectible edition can have severe consequences!

2. Cover it

Adding additional protection is a must! Cut some cardboard into two squares that are just slightly larger than the cover sleeve and sandwich the record and sleeves between the cardboard. Doing this will protect the corners of the sleeves.

3. Pack it

After that, wrap the record sandwich with bubble wrap. Wrapping the record will safeguard the record shaking. Hence, do not wrap it so tightly that it bends the edges of the sleeves and add only a minimal amount of wrap because it will only cost you more in packaging materials.

A good quality LP mailer can be used as well and will surely come with cardboard support and bubble wrap, though this can be a pricey option unless you are buying them in bulk.

On the other hand, if you are sending numerous records to the same recipient, you can pile them together using the cardboard support and then put them into a box. Recall using just enough bubble wrap to ensure the records don’t move about.

4. Mark it

Marking your parcel with ‘FRAGILE- PLEASE DO NOT BEND’ is really necessary and handy. Do not forget to include a return address label on the outside of the package. Just in case, there is an issue occurs with the delivery then it can return to you. Another useful tip is adding both addresses inside of the package in the event the label was lost or detached during transit.

5. Measure it

As soon as the parcel is all set and properly packed, weigh it and get the measuring tape out to record the dimensions. Make sure your records are accurate because any wrong dimension & weight can cause problems and the courier might charge you an additional fee. Once you have the weight and dimensions you can head over to our quote engine which is very easy and stress-free.

6. Insure it

If you wish to book with Parcello, you can take note that some of our services come with protection cover free of charge, up to a certain value. Need additional cover? You can also add this during the booking process. For any damages, you can claim it from the brand. 

7. Upgrade it

You may want to select a service that requires a signature upon receipt, but of course, it will depend on you and on the vinyl that you were sending. In this way, you can avoid buyers pulling a fast one by telling them they haven’t received it. A plus of using signed-for service, that service is often quicker, so your buyer will receive their items faster. If you’re an online seller, this is a good option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions When Sending Vinyl Records

Got a query? Here are some of the frequently asked questions that might help you.

How much will it cost to send a vinyl record?

Sending vinyl has a number of aspects that affect its cost. First is the weight of it. Get a free quote from us now to get the actual figure. 

There is no doubt that sending items overseas is very overpriced if you use the Post Office or book directly with a courier. But we have a solution for you! You can avail our discounted rates for international shipping and choose a drop-off service or have them collected from your home or workplace.

What about vinyl record players and accessories?

You can both vinyl records and their accessories with Parcello. We help many customers to find a courier who will carry vinyl record players but make to package them up correctly because they are very delicate to handle.

Check online to see a whole variety of accessories that are available on the market for the avid music fan. You can store your vinyl records in a unique way including to these are funky boxes, shelving units, display units, frames, and more. It can vary as well from different sizes and shapes, may be heavy or small, but no worry because we have couriers to handle this type of item.

Another is freestanding furniture. This can be sent using the couriers were partnered with, but only on a non-compensation basis. But if it is just flat packed, you can send it without a problem. Any items with glass would be strictly prohibited as the couriers do not handle items containing glass and any type of cleaning fluid is not also restricted.

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