Let Parcello Send Your parcel to the USA

Parcello has collaborated with some of the world’s largest couriers like DPD, Parcelforce, and DHL who deliver parcels to the USA. These couriers deliver thousands of parcels on a daily basis to the USA and other overseas countries. You’ll get to choose the best service based on your needs like express delivery, two-day delivery, big parcels delivery and the list goes on. 

You can compare multiple services on our website and get the best deal according to your need. Also, we keep offering special discounts many times on our website. From collecting your parcel to delivering it to the destination, Parcello has transformed the whole process for our customers making it smoother and user-friendly. 

Our website will help you book parcel delivery to the USA with premium, international courier services. Our partnered couriers can also get your parcel collected from your place or look for cheaper drop-off service.

Reasons to choose Parcello

Parcello is among the topmost growing courier brands out there in the UK. With our excellent courier booking services, we’re getting popularity among big brands. Our site offers discounted parcel delivery services and enables our customers to compare, book, and send parcels using a courier of their choice.

Price Comparison for sending a parcel to the USA

To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a courier comparison results below. You can quickly and easily find a courier that offers USA delivery and also fits your budget. Below are some examples of prices to send a parcel to the USA.

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Pro Tips for sending a parcel to the USA

Be it domestic or overseas delivery, everything becomes easy with Parcello but keeping some hacks in mind is always advisable. It makes things easier for you. It is also necessary to know what is permitted and forbidden to send and always read the terms and conditions before sending anything to the USA.

DHL Air Express
  • The parcel arrives in an estimated time of 1-2 days.
DPD Air Express
  • This express option reaches in 2-4 working days.
  • Offers Collection service from your home or work address.
  • Customs documents are all handled online.
  • You need to print and attach a shipping label.
  • For DPD Pickup Express, you need to drop off your parcel at a local DPD pick-up shop.
Parcelforce Services
  • The parcel arrives in an estimated time of 3-4 working days.
  • A lesser cost but still has a speedy delivery service.
  • Offers collection service from your home or work address.
  • Offers Drop Off option at the Post Office or Parcelforce depot.
DPD Classic
  • Takes 3-6 working days to arrive in the States.
  • Cheaper substitute to premium express delivery services to the USA.
  • Offers collection service from your home or work address.
  • Offers Drop Off option at the PDD Pick up shop.
  • Customs Documents are sent online.
  • You need to print and attach a shipping label.
Shipping from the UK to the USA for e-commerce

Various eBay and Shopify sellers prefer to use the cheaper delivery solutions as running an efficacious e-commerce business involves keeping the shipping costs down, but by choosing the right courier you can still provide your customers with a great level of service.

By means of inexpensive courier services to the USA doesn’t mean we provide less quality, we still offer premium couriers to handle your parcel in order for you to track it all through the delivery and you can add also protection cover to the booking as well to protect your items in case of loss or damage.

Fortunately, the United States has a long and profound connection to the United Kingdom, both politically and economically. It has outstanding transport links and our competitive parcel delivery options, making the US an immensely striking market for online sellers. The US market provides a huge export prospect to British retailers, especially around the holiday peaks of November and December. If you are looking to sell online to the US there is a whole swarm of data to be found on the UK Export site.

The delivery time is very significant, and the customers who purchased the service assume to receive items rapidly, so make the most of our reliable and tracked courier services to meet the needs of consumers from New York to L.A. This is because of the size and scale of the States.

Postage to America - Customs and Restrictions

When it comes to Customs Documents, we know this is one of the concerns for some customers who have not sent a parcel to the USA before. If you’re sending a parcel outside of the EU, you will need to complete these and provide the relevant information about what is in your parcel. Any customs duty levied to your customers is payable by the recipient thus check the value of the items before you send anything. 

We make it hassle-free for our customers as we gather all the information needed for the Customs during the booking process, so you just have to print it out from your account once the order is placed and attach the documents in a plastic wallet or envelope on the outside of the box so that customs can check the documentation. 

Make sure to do the following
  • Provide details of all the items that are in your parcel and give a thorough description of its packaging and what it looks like as well as the value of each item.
  • Confirm if the items you are sending are not on our prohibited items list and also verify with the US Customs Restrictions.
Import Restrictions

In some ways, importing items in restricted categories isn’t wholly forbidden. In its place, regulations, limitations, or notices may apply. For example, shipping cultural artifacts entail a clear declaration of legal ownership while sending alcohol may be subject to limitations depending on the state of transport.

On the other hand, military and biological shipments must have a permit from the proper US agency in order to be imported lawfully. However, some items cannot be imported at all, including cat and dog fur, drugs and paraphernalia, and endangered animals. There are also restrictions on some food items. 

For additional facts on the specific restrictions in all classifications, check the official United States guidelines. Please make sure that the most common items like liquids, aerosols, nail varnish, and batteries are not sent because they can cause a parcel to be returned.

Why do people post to the USA?

United States is an economic powerhouse. Indeed, the US has one of the world’s strongest economies, so it’s important to understand the going in and out of bringing in products to this nation. The United States fixes most of its shipping and trade with its immediate North American neighbors, Canada and Mexico. Furthermore, the Asian countries of China and Japan are strong trade partners as well.

The private market is huge with hundreds of parcels sent every day to friends and family who reside or are traveling in the USA that is why not all of our customers are sending to consumers. Our customers can make noteworthy reserves by booking online via our quote engine, particularly for large heavy parcels going to the USA.

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We offer discounted parcel delivery services that enable our customers to compare, book, and send parcels using a courier of their choice.


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