Parcello is the UK’s leading courier comparison and booking site. We really appreciate that you took time to visit us. As you are here, we hope you might be interested in joining our partnership program and promoting your courier brand with us.

    We are more than happy to tell you that Parcello has launched a new program to join us as a supplier which is beneficial for individual couriers to promote their services around the globe.


    What is Partnership Program?

    We already have partnered with industry-leading courier brands and we welcome you all to join us to make a revolution in the logistics industry. And we’re proud to announce that we get a huge number of bookings to the UK and other international destinations each day.

    When you join us as a courier partner, we promote your services on our website and social media handles. As we have a good grip on courier services in the UK and overseas location, we can easily make your services stand among customers.

    How Parcello will help grow your business by promoting it to our users/customers

    When a customer visits our website to book a service, we simply show them the couriers available for that particular destination and make them choose a service at their convenience. As soon as we have a new courier on board as a partner, we’ll list all their services on our website and it’ll be available for booking.

    We’ll do all the required work to pursue bookings for the courier. That’s how couriers get customers and we’ll also extend our list of services. Customers get lots of different options to choose from.


    Promote your services


    Get more bookings daily


    Build your brand stronger


    Join a smarter logistics community